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Vendor / Player Shop

Inventory and Item System
Status: Open for Voting
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A shop where you can put your items for sale so other players can buy them.

- A special item 'Vendor / Player Shop' that will allow you to open your own shop in a special map. This special item can expire.

- Only a special map should allow you to set up a shop.

- You can leave the shop open while you do other stuff in game. The shop will remain open even if you log off.

- When setting up your shop, you can: Set a title, load items with their respective quantity and put a price for each of them.

- A small chat inside of the shop would be nice. So the owner and players interested can leave their own offers, questions or comments.
This way when the owner comes back to check the shop, they will be able to see the messages left by these players.
(messages inside the shop should be visible to anyone who's inside).

- A limit for players and items inside the shop. (Ex: 'Only 3 users max. are allowed inside the shop.', 'You can only put up to 20 items in the shop.').