Ideas & Feature Requests

This section will show you the cool ideas and feature requests developers want to see added to my Unreal Engine 5 Marketplace Assets. If you like an idea make sure you give it an upvote. The most upvoted features are considered for addition to the project. You can submit your idea with the 'Share Idea' button below.

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Multiplayer / Group Quest Support Quest System
I would like to see the quest system support multiplayer instead of just single player. Additional features should include the ability to share quests, and share quest progression.
Multiplayer Trading System Inventory and Item System
I would like to see a simple example of a private and secure player to player trading system (for multiplayer games).
Player Crafting (no station) Inventory and Item System
I would like to see you add the ability to craft directly from the player inventory without the use or need of a crafting station.
Sound Cue / Dialogue System Quest System
It would be nice to see the addition of support for a Sound Cue or a Dialogue System to help support the text quest (NPC voiceovers for example).
crafting continues insteads of cancels Inventory and Item System
A feature/option where crafting continues instead of cancels when the player closes the crafting screen, and gets the resources once he opens the screen back up.
Escort AI Quest Types Quest System
A simple example or tutorial showing how an escort type quest could function. For example an NPC that either walks at a set pace to the target and you the player have to keep up with and guard them. O
Farming System/Animal Breeding system/Pet System Inventory and Item System
I think this would be a great idea as well and very interesting since this is a system that alot of people want but almost no one makes. I have looked alot for it and not found anything worth getting.
Multiple slots item Inventory and Item System
an item that can occupy two or three or four slots in the inventory, both horizontally and vertically, as well as 2:2 and other variations of the object itself
Auction System would be great Inventory and Item System
I think having an Auction System would be really cool and convenient for designers making multiplayer games. Just a thought.
Add Mobile Support Inventory and Item System
I would like to see this Inventory and Item system offer support for mobile (android/iOS) platforms of the engine.
Add crafting station inventory Inventory and Item System
Add an inventory for crafting stations (perhaps so crafting could continue without the player at the crafting station), adjustable size similar to the storage or player's inventory.
Refinement of the main functions Quest System
Hi. 1. You need to make it possible to perform tasks inside the quest strictly in order. Now the tasks inside the quest can be performed in any order. Make it so that the tasks inside the quest can
Merge stacks improvement Inventory and Item System
When left clicking a stackable item in a treasure chest, it doesn't go into your inventory if you have no empty slots even if you had a stack of the same item that wasn't full. This only happens if th
Support skeletal mesh and actor type for loot box Inventory and Item System
Right now the loot box has no animation or VFX, and there is no way we can do it. Please add support for skeletal mesh and actor type, it would be more general and we can do more customizations.
City Sample Project Crowd/Traffic Example Time of Day Blueprint System
It would be nice to see a tutorial that shows powering the crowds or traffic (like rush hour) based on time of day from this system in the city sample example project.
Fail Quest on Walk into area Quest System
A tutorial or example showing how to fail a quest if the player walks into a certain region that they should not.
Player/Party/Mob - Health/Mana/Stamina GUI Experience System
I would love for you to put together a player/party GUI that would display the characters health/mana/stamina. As well as one for attaching to mobs. With easy "take damage/etc." tags.
I'd like to have one-click sorting and page cutting Inventory and Item System
I urgently need a one-click backpack sorting function, and a page cutting function that can be displayed by category, such as equipment and material cutting pages.
MOBA Adaptation? Inventory and Item System
Hello, could you implement the adaptation of the inventory for MOBA games, where only the HOTBAR and interaction with it are needed from the inventory / as well as a more flexible UI setup for MOBA, t
Save destroyed items/equipment Inventory and Item System
items/equipment should be added to Destroyed Actors and saved so when reloading, they are not spawned again Option to Repawn Items/Equipment or Not when reloading the game
Combat (Melee/Magic) System or Survival (Hunger/Thirst/illnesses) System or Harvesting (farming/cutting/mining) System Inventory and Item System
I am not sure if any of this is part of your systems but if they are not I think they would be cool to create and have as part of your asset creations.
Video Tutorial: Multiple Inventory & Item Filtering Inventory and Item System
I would like a hand at seeing how you would give a player multiple inventory's where you can filter what objects are allowed in it by ItemType. Use case would be to tie events to adding cosmetics w
Compare info between the equipped item and the other (same type) item in the inventory Inventory and Item System
Basically what title says. I will give you an example, but this is a simple thing that you also see in most of RPG games which makes it a bit confusing when trying to explain it because you don't h
Vendor / Player Shop Inventory and Item System
A shop where you can put your items for sale so other players can buy them. - A special item 'Vendor / Player Shop' that will allow you to open your own shop in a special map. This special item can
Ability/Skill System Inventory and Item System
An ability system where.. - You can unlock new abilities by reaching a certain level. - You can unlock an ability with an item from the inventory. - You can improve the unlocked abilities with AP
Translation of items and descriptions into different languages Inventory and Item System
In the inventory system, add support for other languages, for the item you need text lists in which you can write translations into different languages also for description, the ability to select a la
Resource Gathering System Inventory and Item System
It would be a cool feature to be able to mine or chop trees to gather resources. Kind of like any basic gathering system. It would help with the crafting section.
Multi-language support Inventory and Item System
Add language support, I mean the interface in a separate window where you can set several translations of the subject and its description. In general, this is not only for the inventory system, but al
Randomly quests Quest System
For example, NPCs that give you different missions and give you different rewards each day. I tried to find a system with these features on the market but couldn't find any.