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UE5 Experience System

Track Multiple Experience Types for each player, easy Multipliers, XP Locks, Level Blocks, Multiplayer Friendly w/Share XP, Saves & Loads Automatically, Cross Level Support, and more.

UE5 Experience System
Level 1 - Newbie Safe

This projects is built to be flexible but also very simple so even a beginner can use and learn from it.

Unreal Engine 5
Made in Unreal Engine 5.1

This easy to use blueprint system includes everything you need to track multiple player experiences and create level based logic in your games.

To watch your progress I’ve included the traditional edge hugger experience bar, and a micro HUD that can easily be placed at different locations around the screen.

There is an experience window that you can use to show your player all the experience types they need to know about. The player can click on one of these and it will update the HUD being used to show that experience type instead of the default.

Both the standard experience bar and the cool looking radial one are included and both can easily be integrated into any other widgets you create.

You can reward one or multiple experience types at a time and there is even a healer friendly way to share experience in multiplayer games.

Experience gains can be locked and unlocked on demand, and there is even a multiplier system built in so you can quickly and easily boost or reduce incoming experience gains.

You can also take away experience from the player and de-level them. Experience changes, and level changes can be shown on the player’s screen, you can choose what shows and what doesn’t for each experience type.

There is a large display and a small display for level changes, and you will also find this vibrant fireworks with floating plus sign Niagara System, and the Level Up and Down sounds. You can easily set a different sound and niagara system for each experience type, for both level up and level down changes.

You can also make experience types that are completely hidden from the player, that you can then use to power something special in your game like guaranteed rewards, or secret skills.

I am also throwing in this level blocked areas system that will let you restrict areas of your map based on the player’s current level of a given experience type.

Everything saves and loads automatically for you between sessions and levels, and everything is already replicated for multiplayer games. I even included a PVP experience example.

The demo world, and all the goodies in it are also included with the asset.

You can easily add this system to your project by adding one component to your player controller. Then it is just a matter of configuring your experiences and integrating the AddExperience events into your game. There are also event dispatchers you can bind into so you can get notified for things like when the player’s experience or level changes.

The blueprints have comments and are easy to read, and the extensive documentation will guide you through every part of the system.

UE5 Experience System Documentation

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Please send me a message if you have any questions about or issues using this blueprint system. For all billing and access related issues please contact the Epic Marketplace Support team instead.