UE5 Inventory and Item System
This page is part of the documentaiton for my UE5 Inventory and Item System

Banking System

UE5 Inventory and Item System Version: 3.0

    The banker is another storage option for the player but unlike the storage container the banker is exclusive to the player. No other player can access another player’s bank. The banker is actually just another AC_Inventory component on our player. Being accessed through a UI that is opened when interacting with an NPC in our world.

    Being that the banker is actually attached to the player this means that the bank is accessible across maps, like most games like to do.

    Adding Bankers

    To add a banker to your world, navigate to the Blueprints/Interactables/NPCs/Banker folder and drop a copy of BP_NPC_Banker into the world. That is it, the player will be able to interact and use the banker in your world now.

    Changing Slot Counts

    Changing the slot counts for the bank is handled in the Player Settings section of the details tab of the AC_InventoryItemSystem component you attached to your player controller. Select the component and navigate to the Player Settings section and expand it to expose the BankSlots variable. Set the value of this variable to the number of slots you wish to appear in the bank.

    Changing Column Count

    Open the UI_Banker blueprint located in the UIs/NPCs/Banker folder and switch the graph. From the variables panel select Column and change its value to the number of columns you want to appear before it wraps to the next line. After changing this value you are going to have to tweak the RepositionFromCenter event being called during the construct of this UI to line it back up with the inventory.

    This documentation and asset version are new. If you encounter any bugs or if anything doesn't make sense, please let me know.