Ideas & Feature Requests

This section will show you the cool ideas and feature requests developers want to see added to my Unreal Engine 5 Marketplace Assets. If you like an idea make sure you give it an upvote. The most upvoted features are considered for addition to the project. You can submit your idea with the 'Share Idea' button below.

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Hotbar / Action Bar Example Inventory and Item System
A simple hotbar / action bar example where items from the player inventory can be equipped to it. Usable items equipped on the hotbar should use the selected item when the keybinding for the slot is p
Ultra Dynamic Sky Example Time of Day Blueprint System
I would like to see an example or tutorial covering how to power a day and night cycle in Everett Gunther’s Ultra Dynamic Sky system based on the current Time of Day from your Simple Time of Day Blu
Manual Position Items / Swap Slots Inventory and Item System
Add the ability so the player can manually position items into any available slot with drag and drop. If an item is already in the drop on slot, the two items should swap locations or merge together i
Split / Merge Stacks Inventory and Item System
Add the ability to better micromanage stacks, such as splitting stacks inside of the container holding the item. It should also include the ability to merge two unfilled stacks of the same item togeth
Lyra Support / Easier Migration Inventory and Item System
The custom project migration process should be simplified to make working with other projects like Lyra and Advanced Locomotion System easier. Perhaps the entirety of the Example Player Controller cou
Equipment system with the inventory Inventory and Item System
1️⃣ A variety of equipment types: Players should be able to choose from different types of equipment, such as weapons, armor, and accessories. 2️⃣ There should be a sense of progression i
Gamepad Support Inventory and Item System
It would be nice to see this system provide the support needed for the player to use a gamepad instead of keyboard and mouse.