UE5 Experience System
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Experience Multipliers

UE5 Experience System Version: 1.0

    The experience multipliers side of this system gives you an easy to use way to control boosting and reducing experience gains during run time. Multipliers can be applied to any experience type, and are unique to the player (different players can have different multipliers). If no default is defined it will default to 1.0.

    Multipliers are applied automatically whenever experience is added or removed. You can modify the applyMultiplier macro inside of the AC_ExperienceSystem component if you wish to include additional logic to the value of this multiplier.

    By default multipliers will save and load automatically to persist between sessions. To disable saving multipliers set the Save&LoadExperienceMultipliers? Boolean on the AC_ExperienceSystem component to false.


    Get the current multiplier Value [float] for experienceType [name].


    Set the multiplier for experienceType [name] to multiplier [float]. Saves automatically if saveNow? [bool] is true (default is true). Only set to false if you are doing a bulk update and saving from a higher level.


    Sets all experience types to the multiplier [float].

    To better secure your multipliers you can apply a min and max value that will be used to clamp the value passed into the set experience multiplier functions. These variables can be found on the AC_ExperienceSystem. By default the min MultiplierHardMin [float] is set to 0.01, if you want to stop experience use the Experience Locks system instead. By default the max MultiplierHardMax [float] is set to 100.

    If you need there are also two event dispatchers you can bind into to make changes when your multipliers change, for server and gameplay changes use experienceMultiplierChanged event, and for client side like the UI use the UI_experienceMultiplierChanged event.