UE5 Experience System
This page is part of the documentaiton for my UE5 Experience System


UE5 Experience System Version: 1.0

    Hello world! Dynomega here, and thank you for purchasing my UE5 Player Experience System. I created this system to give you an easy to use jump off point for implementing player experience points and leveling based logic to your game. This documentation will help guide you through setting up and using the system. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact me for support.

    Thanks again, and good luck with your game!

    — Dynomega

    A quick breakdown of the project folder structure

    There are 3 main folders included in this asset, Blueprints, Demo and UIs.

    The Blueprints folder is where you can find the experience system component, blocked area blueprints and component, as well as all the variable data like structures, enums, curves, and data tables.

    The UIs folder is where all the HUDs, alerts, and experience bars for the system are located.

    The Demo folder contains everything related to the demo world and the included sample content like VFX and SFX. You can also find the demo character, controller, and game mode at the base of the Demo folder.

    Demo World

    The map in the downloadable demo is also included in the asset, you can find it in the Demo/Maps/ folder, it is called L_ExperienceSystemMap. The big buttons, moving robot targets, collection nodes, and projectiles can all be found in the Demo/MapHelpers/ folder.


    Throughout the asset you will see a Name variable called experienceType (or something similar), these variables are reference to the experience type row id in the data table for the experience type. Any Map variable with a key that is of the type Name, is also a reference to this experienceType.