UE5 Experience System
This page is part of the documentaiton for my UE5 Experience System

Remove Experience

UE5 Experience System Version: 1.0

    I created 3 helper events RemoveExperience, RemoveExperienceBulk, and RemoveExperienceShared to assist you with removing experience and to keep the code as simple as possible removing experience actually uses the same functions as adding experience.

    We achieve removal by sending a negative value into the add experience events. The helper functions I included will force any values passed through them to be negative before handing them off to the AddExperience events. These remove experience events work the exact same way as the add experience event counterparts.

    Timmy Keep in mind it is possible to de-level when you remove experience. If you want to remove experience but stop before the player de-levels you will need to add additional logic to support this. I recommend integrating this new logic before the forceNegativeValue helper functions used by the remove events.