UE5 Experience System
This page is part of the documentaiton for my UE5 Experience System

Save & Load System

UE5 Experience System Version: 1.0

    This system is designed to load and save automatically at all the key points. If bulk updates are being performed the save process is delayed until the end of the update.

    The following is set up to save and load automatically by default: The player’s current experience points for each experience type, the player’s current experience multipliers for each experience type, the player’s currently locked experiences, and the player’s primary experience.

    You can disable the saving of any of these parts by toggling the related boolean variables found in the details panel under Default / Experience System / Save & Load when you select the experience system component on your player controller.

    You can adjust the prefix for the save game file by changing the SaveGamePrefix [string] in the same location.

    For games with multiple save slots I recommend adding the component at runtime instead of manually and using this save game prefix to include the unique identifier you use for each of your save games.

    Data for save games loads automatically when the AC_ExperienceSystem component loads.

    Waiting for the experience system to load before interacting with it …

    You can bind into the experienceSystemLoaded (server) / UI_experienceSystemLoaded (client only) events if you need to wait for the save game to load before doing something else in your game. There is also a loaded [bool] you can check to see if it is true before binding into these events, that way if it is already loaded you can do whatever you originally planned to do without waiting for these events, as these events will only run once, and only when the component itself is ready. If you bind into this event after it is already called you will never get an update at your end.