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UE5 Quest System

An easy to use multiplayer quest system with Objectives, Quest Events, Customizable Indicators, Prerequisites, and a Rewards Systems. Includes Save System, and Cross Level Support.

UE5 Quest System
Level 2 - Beginners

This projects requires at minimum a basic understanding of the core concepts and principals.

Unreal Engine 5
Made in Unreal Engine 5.1

Version 2.0 is now available! View Changelog

Are you ready to transform your game into an immersive universe where every quest deepens the player's journey?

With Version 2 of my Quest System, your vision of interactive storytelling and engaging gameplay becomes a reality.

This easy to use 100% blueprint system gives you everything you need to add quests and missions to your multiplayer and singleplayer Unreal Engine 5 games.

With this system, you have the flexibility to craft a main storyline and diversify with side quests. It also features repeatable quests, alongside unique quests that impose a one-at-a-time completion limit.

Enhance player interaction with dynamic quest events, like quest timers, spawning actors and triggering actions in your world when a quest updates or an objective is completed.

This system also offers a range of prerequisites, allowing you to tailor quest and objective availability based on your game's internal and external systems.

You can also optionally control the flow of your quest by forcing the objectives to be completed in the order you define. You can even auto accept and complete quests.

There are quest rewards, which can easily be hooked up to your other systems like inventory and experience systems.

The quest log even features a way to group quests together, and you can easily show or hide the completed quest group.

Gamepad is now also supported using enhanced input, and there is even a built in save and load system.

New for Version 2 - Everything is now multiplayer replicated! Your player’s can even share quests, and objective progression with each other.

Explore together, achieve together, and transform your game into a shared journey where any quest can become a collective endeavor.

The system's code is meticulously documented, complemented by a suite of detailed guides and tutorial videos to assist in installation, quest creation, blueprint utilization, and system integration.

The included demo world was designed to showcase all the features and functionality, including a quest that works entirely in the UI.

You can download and try the windows version of the demo world right now and check it out, and the documentation is publicly accessible.

If you have questions, or find any bugs please let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this project, and good luck with your game!

Version 2 of my Quest System is available now using Unreal Engine 5.1 and up through the latest version. Now if you don’t like change, Version 1 is still available, you can access it by downloading it to a UE 5.0 project, then migrate it to your main project (up to version 5.3).

Please keep in mind the latest features like Multiplayer & Gamepad support are only available in Version 2.

UE5 Quest System Documentation

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Please send me a message if you have any questions about or issues using this blueprint system. For all billing and access related issues please contact the Epic Marketplace Support team instead.